Environmental Change-Makers

Come join us for events, classes, and much more!

We're the Environmental Change-Makers (Westchester/LA 90045 area). 

Want to take "reskilling" classes about growing food, canning, earth construction and more?  Want to join change-oriented gatherings -- for instance alternative economics discussion circles, or gatherings about the "heart and soul" of these massive changes?  Looking for resources, tips, and "what works" advice?  You've come to the right place.

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You can also subscribe to "Change-Making News," writen by Joanne Poyourow, co-founder of the Environmental Change-Makers.  You'll get brief bulletins about projects, blog posts, free downloads, and more.  You can choose ...
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Thanks for doing your part in change-making !

To contact us with questions or comments, please use envirochangemakers@gmail.com
Our websites are www.EnviroChangeMakers.org (about our organization) and  www.Change-Making.com (Joanne's blog)
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